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Hi, firstly thank you for taking the time to come and take a look at my images. I'm a proud Cornishman, originally from a small fishing village right at the bottom of Cornwall called Porthleven. I have been a keen photographer now for 20 years or so and I have a real passion for taking photographs and for the creation of post production work also (editing).

I spent 22 years in the military, the Royal Air Force to be precise, as an Aircraft Engineer (Airframes Technician on joining then multi-skilled to Mechanical Technician). Started my career on Harriers at RAF Wittering, moved to Laarbruch in Germany on IV(AC) Squadron Harriers before being promoted and moved onto Tornados. A move to Bruggen, again in Germany came with the promotion and started my Tornado phase on 31 Squadron, the 'Goldstars' before Bruggen closed and we were relocated back to the UK at RAF Marham in Norfolk. Again on promotion i was then moved onto the new Typhoon platform, this time to become Rectification Controller of a shift of Engineers on 17(R) Squadron TES (Test and Evaluation). With my wife also being in the RAF it was now her turn to steer a move away from Coningsby in Lincolnshire, taking us north to RAF Leuchars in Fife, Scotland. It was here that I partly joined 6 Squadron, tasked with setting up a new Typhoon Squadron (Later designated 1(F) Squadron). During work up of the new Squadron I was again promoted, to Flight Sergeant, and this saw me move 'off aircraft' for the first time in my career, into a role as Station Human Factors and Error Management manager (Flight Safety role).

As this move off aircraft coincided with my reaching 22 years service, plus the imminent arrival  of our first daughter I took the opportunity to leave the military and pursue a new career, this time moving into Oil & Gas with General Electric.

So where did my passion for photography begin? Easy, with a single photograph - The lightning photograph above is what triggered my love of photography. I took this with my very first digital camera, the original 2Mp Canon Ixus and this was the very first image I captured with it.


It was taken on Feb 12th 2003 during Operation Telic at Ali Al Salem air base in Kuwait. I was there as part of a Royal Air Force operation 'Telic' with 31 Squadron 'Goldstars' operating Tornado GR4's as part of the Combat Air Wing. Although the image captured was probably more by luck than out and out skill, the excitement that I got when I saw the image appear on the back of the camera has stayed with me ever since and I still get that buzz when I capture a good image today.

I love the feeling of setting out with a particular image in mind and being able to successfully capture that with my camera. The piece that I really love though is the post production or editing piece afterwards on the computer once back home. 

Taking the RAW image and fine tuning it to recreate exactly what i have in my mind is the most satisfying element for me.

Another passion I have is revisiting my archive of images built up over the last 18 years or so since purchasing my first digital camera and re-imagining what I can make of the picture or taking a friends image and working some magic on it to create something pretty special and seeing their face when they see the results.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my images and that they bring you as much joy as they bought me creating them.

Meet The Team (well, me and my equipment)


Mark Handford

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Previously Global Quality Leader and Senior Quality Manager for Baker Hughes but have always been a keen amateur Photographer with camera always at hand.

Nikon D300.jpg

Nikon D300 


Currently using a Nikon D300 DSLR. Some of the images in my portfolio have been captured on previous D200, Canon G12 or Canon Ixus (1st digital camera).

Apple iMac.jpg

Apple iMac 27"


I've been on the Apple side of the fence regarding computers and laptops now ever since i started digital photogrpahy. Currently have a 27" Apple iMac.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the workflow, editing or post processing platform i use. Gives me everything that i need.

Apple MacBook Pro

DJI Mini 3 Pro


I've been on the Apple side of the fence regarding computers and laptops now ever since i started digital photography. Majority of my recent/new work is on the MacBook Pro.

Newest addition to my kit is the recently released DJI Mini 3 Pro. I've always wanted to dip my toe into aerial photography to try and see the world from a different angle and capture some new and interesting images.

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